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Ag Real Estate


If you are looking to buy new land to run your cattle on or refinance your existing turkey houses, Cornerstone Bank has many options from which to choose.


Breeding and Livestock


There is no better time than the present to add to your flock or herd. Talk with one of our Ag professionals to see how you can get started.


Equipment Loans


If your tractor has finally tilled its last turn, you need another cake machine, or maybe just want to update some of your grandpa’s third generation equipment, we can help you with your financing needs through a variety of terms and options on equipment loans.


Operating Loans


Do you need help planting the field, feeding your cattle, or maybe just keeping diesel in the tractor to get all of your hay cut? An operation loan may be just right for you. Come talk to us about your needs and let us help you keep on moving.




Have you been looking for a low fixed rate for your agriculture real estate loan? If so, let us talk to you today about your options with Farmer Mac- the secondary market for farmers!