Certificates of Deposit

Cornerstone Bank offers a wide range of terms and competitive rates on Certificate of Deposits (CD). Whether you want to make a short term investment to keep your money more liquid, are ready to make a long term investment to gain higher returns or would like a combination of both, we can meet your needs. CDs are right for you if you want a guaranteed interest rate, you want to select your term and you are looking for a safe savings option.* Plus, check out our Reward CDs that maximize your investments by simply doing your primary checking with us!

Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service®

The Certificate of Deposit Account Register Service®, or CDARS®, is a way that Cornerstone Bank can offer you access to multi-million-dollar FDIC coverage for your Certificates of Deposit. This service allows you to work directly with just one bank, receive one regular account statement, and receive only one tax form! Call or come by any Cornerstone Bank location today to learn more.*

*Early withdrawal penalties apply